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Monday, February 22, 2010

SaveScreen Rock and Water

High definition video piece from Sony's HD test (720 HD). Clear water fall off on the rocks. You can set your own music track to play along with it. The image is stunning and fresh.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

SaveScreen Deep Sea Creature

Exploer the deep sea. There are many secrets are waitting for discovery. Secret creatures pesent a original life style in our planet. 720 HD, high definition. Support your own music playlist.

SaveScreen Shark

SHARK! SHARK! and more sharks. Shark's lover's favorite screensaver. 720 HD (high definition) provides a real feeling of swimming around the sharks. Set up your own music playlist.

SaveScreen Disney Earth

Hold your breath. and enjoy this amazing journey. Disney presents a unbelievable high definition documentory about our planet ( 720 HD ). Cross our stunning planey with your favorite music. It must be a highlight of your day. Follow the link to download or click download.



A high definition HD 720 quality video piece shows a fly view over cross the coral reef. It presents beauty of nature and our planet we are living. You can set a peaseful music into playlist. Follow the link or click the download for FREE dowload



Coral reef shows an amazing word and presents beauty of nature. Install it and sit back to get real relax. You can set up you music playlist to listen to the favorite music when you are diving under the water. 720 HD image quality. Download it with follow link or click Download


Saturday, February 20, 2010

SaveScreen Earth View

Follow the Atlantis Space Shuttle and have an amazing space travel. You can see a lovely blue platet where we are living. The video is 720 HD ( high definition). It supports your own music playlist. You can litsen to the favorite music when you fly cross the universe. You can copy and paste following link to web brower or click DOWLOAD for FREE.


SaveScreen BBC Surfing

This amazing screensaver plays a short 1080 HD ( high definition )video piece from BBC two. You can set up your own music playlist to play along with the video. You can get really relax when you get tired from work. Enjoy it.
Follows are download link. You can copy and paste the link into address field of web browser or just click the DOWNLOAD